Ride with you


You don't have to ride alone

1 on 1 Tailored Support

The number one reason people choose not to cycle is concerns about safety. Whether it's cycle training, route planning, or riding with you on your maiden voyages, we aim to instill the confidence necessary to take to the road.

SpokesPerson 1 on 1 Tailored Support Package Includes

  • An initial consultation to assess your abilities and needs, as well as troubleshooting any challenges particular to your life and your journey. Are you concerned about your level of fitness or the length of your journey? Do you need to work around your caring responsibilities? Whatever your needs we can work together to find solutions that are right for you. 
  • Route planning. Prior to any journeys, SpokesPerson will plan and ride a route, to develop a program designed to maximize safety and comfort, as well as assessing logistical issues, such as parking your bike at your destination.
  • And finally riding with you, so you can set out on your first journey with an experienced cyclist and fully trained mechanic by your side. 

Package available at £60

Concession Rate £40

Concessions are available for Students, Refugees, Asylum Seekers, people on Universal Credit, those in Part-Time employment, those on PIP, or people working in an un-paid care capacity, such as parents. 

To book please email hello@spokesperson.bike

Interested in getting your employer/employees on board? Find out about the Cardiff Cycle Friendly Employer Program


There's safety in numbers. In order to raise the profile of cycling, introduce like-minded individuals, and have some good fun, we sponsor and take part in various community group rides.